The Sedentary Lifestyle

The sitting disease has been getting a lot of press of late, and lucky for us the pro-sitting lobby hasn't started fighting back yet. We can only assume that's because they don't see us, the mobile, the healthy ones, as a threat yet, but with your help we can make a difference.
Although figures fluctuate from one doctors opinion to another, there is a growing consensus that sitting for prolonged periods of time has major long term health effects; both mentally and physically. It has been associated with depression, obesity, diabetes and poor circulation causing damage to your extremities. The good news is that it's easy to fight back. By getting up every hour at work for a five minute walk, a quick stretch or other light active events it can help reduce your risks by as much as 40% compared to those unwilling to take a stand.
The sitting disease, or the much less sexy title the 'sedentary lifestyle', is a lifestyle that is characterized mostly by sitting. If you are someone who at work and/or home sits for more than 6 hours a day you could be at risk, but the good news is it's not that hard to fight. Awareness is the most important factor in avoiding the sedentary lifestyle. We encourage people to set alarms and events in their phones or on their computers to help remind them to get up and moving. We also create great daily use items featuring our logo to serve as a reminder to get up and get moving.
When you want to add a little more fun to the fight we created two games. First, the Random Acts of Fitness Dice which allow you to take a quick roll to figure out what your fitness break for the hour will be. We also offer the RAOF t-shirts, which aside from looking great provide a fun social challenge... run into someone else wearing one of the shirt styles and take a quick pause in your day to do the activity on the other person's shirt.
Our aim is to not only help you become aware of the amount of sitting you do, but to make fighting it more fun by forming a healthy habit.