Random Acts of Fitness - Who are we?

Random Acts of Fitness is an Ottawa based start up company whose main goal is to help educate people about the sedentary lifestyle and its risks, we also aim to help motivate people to be more active during their day.

We started in December 2014 after a successful start up campaign on Kickstarter. Since then we have been going to local events around Ottawa to help spread the word and raise public awareness.

Overall we want to encourage people to take small breaks throughout their day to do regular and fun activities. These can be as simple as a walk to a co-workers office, a quick set of jumping jacks or a victory dance after a game. With the incorporation of these microfitness events into a daily routine we hope people will see an increase in moral, energy and health over a prolonged period.

The sitting disease is something that affects too many people and should not be ignored any longer. Please take a minute to look at our products and read up about the sedentary lifestyle to make sure you have the proper tools and motivation to avoid the sitting disease. It can be avoided with minimal effort and should be something for you to keep top of mind.